Prayer resources to help you through crisis

Updated July 22, 2021

Submit Prayer Request

If you are in need of prayer, you are welcome to submit a prayer request to be posted on our online Prayer Book of Intentions by clicking on the button above. If you need to speak to a priest, visit our Priest Directory to find one in your area. Join us in praying by adding these intentions to your daily prayer as well. 

Pope Asks All Catholics to Pray Rosary

Pope Francis is asking all Catholics worldwide to pray the rosary for an end to the COVID-10 pandemic, especially in the month of May. He wrote two prayers for the faithful to pray at the end of the rosary. Go to Prayer 1 or Prayer 2.

Act of Spiritual Communion

In his encyclical, "Ecclesia de Eucharistia" ("A Eucharistic Church"), in April 2003, St. John Paul II encouraged the practice of spiritual communion, “which has been a wonderful part of Catholic life for centuries and recommended by saints who were masters of the spiritual life.” Pray an Act of Spiritual Communion.

Home Adoration

This resource from Teaching Catholic Kids offers tips on having a holy hour or adoration at home.

How to Celebrate Sundays

The Archdiocese of Baltimore offers these suggestions about how to keep the Sabbath holy when celebrating it at home.

How to Pray the TV Mass from Home

The Diocese of Sioux Falls, South Dakota offers these tips to help you participate more in Mass from home.

Light a Candle Online

The National Shrine of St. John Newmann is inviting people to light a candle virtually and share your prayer intention.

Liturgy of the Hours

The Liturgy of the Hours, which is prayed at certain times throughout the day, is the liturgical prayer of the Church. You can download and pray for free through the iBreviary app, or follow along in community online. 

Plenary Indulgences Q&A

Father Andrew Hart explains the Church's teaching on plenary indulgences in this Q&A. It pertains to the special indulgences available during this crisis.

Prayer for Persons Suffering from the Coronavirus

The Catholic Health Association of the United States offers this prayer along with several others that might fight your needs.

Prayer Service from Your Home

The Archdiocese of Washington offers seven helpful steps to set up and have a prayer service at your home.

Virtual Prayer Ministry

This resource from the Diocese of Green Bay, Wisconsin, offers a step-by-step process for parish leaders to pray for parishioners who suffer from anxiety and need to talk and be supported in prayer.


Act of Spiritual Communion

My Jesus,
I believe that You
are present in the Most Holy Sacrament.
I love You above all things,
and I desire to receive You into my soul.
Since I cannot at this moment
receive You sacramentally,
come at least spiritually into my heart.
I embrace You as if You were already there and unite myself wholly to You.
Never permit me to be separated from You.

By St. Alphonsus de Liguori

Act of Spiritual Communion

"I wish, my Lord, to receive you
with the purity, humility, and devotion
with which your most holy Mother received you,
with the spirit and fervor of the saints."

By Los Angeles Archbishop Jose H. Gomez, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

Pope Francis Prayer for End of Rosary — Prayer 1

O Mary,

You shine continuously on our journey
as a sign of salvation and hope.
We entrust ourselves to you, Health of the Sick,
who, at the foot of the cross,
were united with Jesus’ suffering,
and persevered in your faith.

“Protectress of the Roman people”,
you know our needs,
and we know that you will provide,
so that, as at Cana in Galilee,
joy and celebration may return
after this time of trial.

Help us, Mother of Divine Love,
to conform ourselves to the will of the Father
and to do what Jesus tells us.
For he took upon himself our suffering,
and burdened himself with our sorrows
to bring us, through the cross,
to the joy of the Resurrection.


We fly to your protection,
O Holy Mother of God;
Do not despise our petitions
in our necessities,
but deliver us always
from every danger,
O Glorious and Blessed Virgin.

Pope Francis Prayer for End of Rosary — Prayer 2

"We fly to your protection, O Holy Mother of God."

In the present tragic situation, when the whole world is prey to suffering and anxiety, we fly to you, Mother of God and our mother, and seek refuge under your protection.

Virgin Mary, turn your merciful eyes toward us amid this coronavirus pandemic. Comfort those who are distraught and mourn their loved ones who have died, and at times are buried in a way that grieves them deeply.

Be close to those who are concerned for their loved ones who are sick and who, in order to prevent the spread of the disease, cannot be close to them. Fill with hope those who are troubled by the uncertainty of the future and the consequences for the economy and employment.

Mother of God and our Mother, pray for us to God, the father of mercies, that this great suffering may end and that hope and peace may dawn anew. Plead with your divine Son, as you did at Cana, so that the families of the sick and the victims be comforted, and their hearts be opened to confidence and trust.

Protect those doctors, nurses, health workers and volunteers who are on the frontline of this emergency, and are risking their lives to save others. Support their heroic effort and grant them strength, generosity and continued health.

Be close to those who assist the sick night and day, and to priests who, in their pastoral concern and fidelity to the Gospel, are trying to help and support everyone.

Blessed Virgin, illumine the minds of men and women engaged in scientific research, that they may find effective solutions to overcome this virus.

Support national leaders, that with wisdom, solicitude and generosity they may come to the aid of those lacking the basic necessities of life and may devise social and economic solutions inspired by farsightedness and solidarity.

Mary Most Holy, stir our consciences, so that the enormous funds invested in developing and stockpiling arms will instead be spent on promoting effective research on how to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.

Beloved Mother, help us realize that we are all members of one great family and to recognize the bond that unites us, so that, in a spirit of fraternity and solidarity, we can help to alleviate countless situations of poverty and need. Make us strong in faith, persevering in service, constant in prayer.

Mary, Consolation of the afflicted, embrace all your children in distress and pray that God will stretch out his all-powerful hand and free us from this terrible pandemic, so that life can serenely resume its normal course.

To you, who shine on our journey as a sign of salvation and hope, do we entrust ourselves, O Clement, O Loving, O Sweet Virgin Mary.


Prayer in Times of Anxiety and Fear

Let nothing disturb you,
Let nothing frighten you,
All things are passing away:
God never changes.
Patience obtains all things
Whoever has God lacks nothing;
God alone suffices.

St. Teresa of Avila wrote this beautiful poem and is used as a prayer.

Prayer for Intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe

This prayer comes from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Download prayer cards in English and Spanish.

Holy Virgin of Guadalupe,
Queen of the Angels and Mother of the Americas.
We fly to you today as your beloved children.
We ask you to intercede for us with your Son,
as you did at the wedding in Cana.

Pray for us, loving Mother,
and gain for our nation and world,
and for all our families and loved ones,
the protection of your holy angels,
that we may be spared the worst of this illness.

For those already afflicted,
we ask you to obtain the grace of healing and deliverance.
Hear the cries of those who are vulnerable and fearful,
wipe away their tears and help them to trust.

In this time of trial and testing,
teach all of us in the Church to love one another and to be patient and kind.
Help us to bring the peace of Jesus to our land and to our hearts.

We come to you with confidence,
knowing that you truly are our compassionate mother,
health of the sick and cause of our joy.

Shelter us under the mantle of your protection,
keep us in the embrace of your arms,
help us always to know the love of your Son, Jesus. Amen.

By Los Angeles Archbishop Jose H. Gomez, president of the USCCB (edited)

Pope Francis Prayer

O Mary, you always shine on our path
as a sign of salvation and of hope.
We entrust ourselves to you, Health of the Sick,
who, at the cross, took part in Jesus' pain, keeping your faith firm.

You, Salvation of the Roman People,
know what we need,
and we are sure you will provide
so that, as in Cana of Galilee,
we may return to joy and to feasting
after this time of trial.

Help us, Mother of Divine Love,
to conform to the will of the Father
and to do as we are told by Jesus,
who has taken upon himself our sufferings
and carried our sorrows
to lead us, through the cross,
to the joy of the resurrection. Amen.

Under your protection, we seek refuge, Holy Mother of God.
Do not disdain the entreaties of we who are in trial, but deliver us from every danger,
O glorious and blessed Virgin.

Pope Francis recited this prayer by video March 11, 2020, for a special Mass and act of prayer asking Mary to protect Italy and the world during of the coronavirus pandemic. The Knights of Columbus have created prayer cards to share.

A Prayer Amid an Epidemic

Jesus Christ, you traveled through towns and villages
“curing every disease and illness.”
At your command, the sick were made well.
Come to our aid now, in the midst of the
global spread of the coronavirus, that we may
experience your healing love.

Heal those who are sick with the virus.
May they regain their strength and health through
quality medical care.

Heal us from our fear, which prevents nations
from working together and neighbors from
helping one another.

Heal us from our pride, which can make us claim
invulnerability to a disease that knows no borders.

Jesus Christ, healer of all, stay by our side
in this time of uncertainty and sorrow.

Be with those who have died from the virus.
May they be at rest with you in your eternal peace.

Be with the families of those who are sick or
have died. As they worry and grieve, defend them
from illness and despair. May they know your peace.

Be with the doctors, nurses, researchers and
all medical professionals who seek to heal
and help those affected and who put themselves
at risk in the process. May they know your protection and peace.

Be with the leaders of all nations. Give them
the foresight to act with charity and true concern
for the well-being of the people they are meant to serve.
Give them the wisdom to invest in long-term solutions
that will help prepare for or prevent future outbreaks.
May they know your peace, as they work together
to achieve it on earth.

Whether we are home or abroad, surrounded by many people
suffering from this illness or only a few, Jesus Christ,
stay with us as we endure and mourn, persist and prepare.
In place of our anxiety, give us your peace.

Jesus Christ, heal us. Amen.

Prayer written by Kerry Weber, executive editor of America.