Understanding Our Church

Explore this treasury of Arkansas writers discussing the Catholic faith on a wide variety of topics. Find what you're looking for by browsing the whole list or search by keyword or author. All articles have been reviewed for theological accuracy. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

St. John Paul II explains Christian meaning of suffering
Edward C. Dodge
Just an obligation? Use pandemic time to reflect on hunger for God
Father Erik Pohlmeier
What does obligation mean in a time of pandemic? As Catholics we quickly associate this word with participating in Mass on Sundays.
What Zacchaeus, a burnt beard and joy in Christ teach us
Brother Roch McClellan, OSB
The account of Zacchaeus found at the beginning of Chapter 19 of St. Luke’s Gospel always makes me smile. Zacchaeus, the “short of stature” and “wealthy” chief tax collector in the city of Jericho, feels a burning desire to see Jesus, but he can’t see over the crowd.
Being pro-life means standing up for rights of every person
Lou Ann Gieringer
“Every individual, precisely by reason of the mystery of the Word of God who was made flesh (cf. John 1:14), is entrusted to the maternal care of the Church.
Suspending public Masses was in line with ‘common good’ principle
Father Jason Tyler
While on my way to visit a parishioner in the hospital in early March, someone asked me in the hospital elevator whether my church was still having Sunday services with the coronavirus threat increasing.
Catholics needed in world to show hope, despite flaws
Paula Standridge
In 2015 Pope Francis made an historic visit to the United States. The television coverage of his visit was constant and intensive. Every move he made and appearance even so slight was chronicled. There were thousands of people in the streets of New York waiting for a glimpse of the pope.
Rejoice with St. Joseph when God overthrows idols in our lives
Kelli Nugent
“Go to Joseph …” (Genesis 41:55) the people of Egypt were told when afflicted by famine in their land. Today, we too are urged to go to Joseph, the watchful defender of Christ, the foster father of the Son of God, the spouse of the Virgin Mary and the head of the Holy Family.
Prayer in uncertain times should focus on relationship with God
Judy Hoelzeman
It is hard to conceive how many prayers God has listened to in this time of the COVID-19 crisis. Surely God’s prayer load has increased beyond our imagination.
In exchange for losing anonymity, sisters witness God’s tender love
Sister M. Glorea Knaggs, OSB
Before entering religious life, I took great pleasure in spending the occasional afternoon at Barnes and Noble. I loved sitting in a big armchair with my Starbucks, sampling books and periodically observing fellow patrons.
Experiencing grief, desolation, despair? Jesus knows how you feel
Betsy Wiederkehr Huss
Ever feel punched in the stomach, beat up emotionally, spiritually, physically and/or mentally? Ever feel anguish, sorrow, regret, woe or grief? Ever think you are the only one going through something or feeling the way you do?