Resources for Seniors

Senior ministry is more than getting together for a meal or a card game. It’s an opportunity to share with one another the gifts God has given each of us. Our gifts of socialization, prayer, caring, are not to be kept to one’s self, but to be shared with everyone you meet. As the body diminishes with age we have an even more important calling. You may be so active you don’t have time for one more thing or maybe your drained of grouping with others because you have been doing service work for years or maybe your starved for attention, being homebound, you have limited contact with the world.

God may be calling you to a new aspect of life. He may be asking you, “What can you do for your neighbor?” Are we willing to let go and help others by being a part of a senior ministry? If you are too busy, maybe you should prayerfully decide what to let go of so you can be present to others in different ways. If you are too drained, maybe you are called to receive a gift of presence from another or to try something new and fresh. If you are unable, is there something special you can do by offering prayers for others or allowing others to minister to you? Each of us has many gifts from God to be shared. Aging isn’t for winding down to death. Aging is the reason to live and show others how to live.

Yes, there are many things that seem intimidating and even scary to survive in this world, but God gave us the wisdom, spirit and grace to survive for him.This world seems to find little value in being old. But look at the aged folks in the Bible. In Abraham and Sarah’s time, God called them into the serious responsibility of raising a child late in life. You have a calling too. God gave the gift of community to help and be helped by others. Join a senior group or start one and reach out to those who struggle with the body failing, the spirit dimming and the mind faltering. You may be their gift.

Many parishes in the Diocese of Little Rock have programs for seniors. To find out if there is a ministry in your area, visit the Parish Directory. Click on the parish website listed for a parish to get more information about all the programs offered. 

Jubilee Day for Older Persons Prayer

The following prayer was provided courtesy of the Diocese of Harrisburg, Pa., Project: H.E.A.D.

"Lord Jesus, you promised, 'Behold I make all things new.' We ask you to renew us in mind and body. Help us to use our years of experience by sharing the wisdom we have acquired with enthusiasm and imagination. Expand our concerns that we might be ever more creative in helping others, especially younger people, who may be looking for guidance and support. We thank you, Lord Jesus, for the beauty of years, the freshness of dreams and the encouragement of happy memories. Let our lives, at this time, be second springs, bursting with the joyous colors of hope, the warm breezes of love, and the delicate showers of grace, which nurture our continuous growth. Bless all who love us and all whom we love and unite us ever more closely as members of your body on earth until the day we reign with you forever. St. Joseph, pray for us to grow in wisdom and grace as older members of God's beautiful creation. Amen."