2022 Deacon Continuing Formation and Ministerial Evaluation

RESPONSE DUE BY: Jan. 31, 2023

All deacons of the Diocese of Little Rock are asked to complete the form below by the deadline. All submissions are received by the Minister to Deacons Office. If you prefer to submit this form by mail, download a PDF of this form, print it off and mail the completed form to: Minister to Deacons Office, P.O. Box 7565, Little Rock, AR 72217-7565. Or fax to: (501) 664-9075. If you have problems completing this form, please e-mail Juanita Cigarroa or Deacon Tim Costello in the Minister to Deacons Office, or call (501) 664-0340, ext 325 or ext. 390.

I. Spiritual Enrichment
Please list all retreats you attended this year and the dates.
II. Continuing Education
III. Ministerial Opportunities
V. Mobility
VI. Recommendations