Prison Ministry Office

Serves the spiritual needs of Catholic inmates in Arkansas state prisons and jails

Oversees Prison Ministry Volunteers

The Prison Ministry Office oversees a volunteer-based ministry that responds to the spiritual needs of those who are incarcerated and their families. It acts as an intermediary between the corrections institutions, Catholic inmates and Catholic volunteers. It assures that the sacraments and spiritual support are provided on a regular basis in the prison system in Arkansas. This includes developing and implementing strategies for recruiting, training and supervising volunteers and promoting the U.S. bishops’ documents and strategies regarding prisons, detention centers and the death penalty. | Where We Serve Contact Us

Types of Prison Volunteers

Certified Religious Assistant (CRA)

A person selected, approved and trained to go into areas approved by the unit warden without escort to minister one-on-one to inmates and staff on a nondenominational basis. This person may lead a group workshop or give religious instruction to inmate groups with security present as approved by the unit chaplain and unit warden/center supervisor.

Regular Citizen Volunteer (RCV)

One who provides services to the department once a month or more frequently. An RCV is a person selected, approved and trained to go only into approved areas under the direction of the unit/senior chaplain as approved by the unit warden without escort.

Occasional Citizen Volunteer (OCV)

One who provides a one-time or occasional volunteer service to the department. An OCV may conduct a service in the chapel area, but must be escorted at all times. OCVs must be at least 21 years old and approved by the unit warden.