Bishop thanks our health care workers

Published: November 24, 2020

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Bishop Anthony B. Taylor addressed the following letter, Nov. 19, 2020, to all doctors, nurses, administrators, support staff and other co-workers in Catholic health care in Arkansas.

“As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday during a time of pandemic, I thank God for many things: for God's loving presence, for the gift of faith, for family and friends (even though we can't be physically together now). I also thank God right now for the gift of life and health. Especially as COVID-19 continues to increase in our country and in much of the world, we have a reminder of how important our physical health is.

“This pandemic has been a challenging time for all of society. Whether someone has been infected, cared for someone who has been infected or simply experienced changes of life because of the measures needed to combat it, no one has been exempt.

“Above all, though, I know that COVID-19 has affected you as health care workers. You stand on the front lines, often putting yourselves at risk in order to serve your patients. Your generosity of heart and zeal for your ministry gives life to many, especially right now.

“As the bishop of Little Rock, I thank God for the great work undertaken by Catholic health care ministries in Arkansas, ministries that can only exist because of people like you. Your daily work is an extension of the healing ministry of Jesus. Like the ministry of Jesus, your work is loving, sacrificial and life-giving. Just as the ministry of Jesus did, your work gives hope and strength to all it touches — and to society as a whole.

“I know these are trying times for you. You want to help and heal, even as you know there is still much to be done in combating COVID-19. I encourage you to persevere, and I pray for your resilience and strength as you confront the challenges that lie ahead. We may celebrate Thanksgiving differently this year than in other years, but our need to be grateful is even stronger than ever.

“So, thank you! And be assured of my prayers for you now and throughout these challenging times.

"Sincerely in Christ,
+Anthony B. Taylor
Bishop of Little Rock"