Mothers of Seminarians Prayer Watch

Mary, mother of all seminarians, pray for them.

Evelyn Hart and Angie Elser formed the Mothers of Major and Minor Seminarians Prayer Watch (MOMMS) Prayer Watch in 2009 to encourage all mothers and any interested Catholics to pray for the seminarians in the Diocese of Little Rock and their intentions every day. At the time, both were mothers of seminarians. Now, two of Hart's sons are priests and one of Elser's while another son has recently joined the seminary.

In the beginning, MOMMS was for mothers of diocesan seminarians. Each one was asked to sign up for a specific day of the week. On that specific day, any type of prayer could be prayed, such as the Hail Mary, a rosary, a Mass, time spent in adoration. This ensures that every day of the week seminarians would be specifically prayed for by their mothers. It also allows the mothers of these men to share a certain bond in praying for their sons' vocation.

Now, anyone interested in joining the MOMMS Prayer Watch is asked to pick a day every week to pray for the seminarians. It is not necessary to contact one of the coordinators to let them know you have joined the prayer watch. For a general intention, pray for the seminarians' intentions and "whatever the young men need that day.” See Catholic Prayers, Practices and Devotions for prayer options or invite others to pray with you by submitting a Prayer Request to our online Prayer Book of IntentionsFor more information about the MOMMS prayer group, contact the Vocations and Seminarians Office at (501) 664-0340.