Understanding Our Church

Explore this treasury of Arkansas writers discussing the Catholic faith on a wide variety of topics. Find what you're looking for by browsing the whole list or search by keyword or author. All articles have been reviewed for theological accuracy. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

At Thanksgiving we can celebrate the Eucharist, ‘God’s greatest gift’
Father Erik Pohlmeier
In many ways Thanksgiving is the model holiday. It is a time of gathering with family and friends for good food and good memories, but without the commercial blitz of Christmas or the aisles and aisles of Halloween costumes and candy.
To Holy Father, praying rosary is looking at face of Christ with Mary
Father Raphael Kitz, OCD
In his apostolic letter, “Rosarium Virginis Mariae,” (Rosary of the Virgin Mary) Pope John Paul II offers a rich and profound teaching on this beloved devotion. He sums up his exhortation by saying that to recite the rosary is nothing other than to contemplate the face of Christ with Mary.
Eucharist signifies communion between Christ and his Church
Father Andrew Smith
When we eat his body and drink his blood, we are given a share in Christ’s life. When we share the body and blood of Christ we are united to him and to each other. The celebration of Mass is a celebration of unity and life.”
Christian family is a domestic church
Sandy Compas, Special To Arkansas Catholic
Have you ever thought of your mini-van as a chapel or confessional, or your kitchen table as a sacred gathering space? The family vehicle may become a place of prayer as parents take advantage of quiet time during their daily commute.
Catechesis is ‘stirring the flame’ God has placed in our hearts
Sister Mary Glynn, SJC
One day while I was in Ireland this past summer I visited my brother and his family. His daughter, Anna, who is very creative, was working with scraps of material and doing very beautiful work.
Simple, personal stories remind us God works through everyday life
Dr. Linda Webster
This Sunday’s readings are so wonderfully noisy and brash. We’ve got cries and strife in Habakkuk, joyful singing in the responsorial psalm while listening for the Lord’s voice, and testimony to the Lord in second Timothy.
To call upon Mary as mother of God is to pay her honor
Charles T. Sullivan
“From the earliest times, the blessed virgin has been honored with the title ‘Mother of God,’ under whose protection the faithful take refuge …” (Vatican II, Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, 66)
Beyond homilies, Catholics must make time to learn, study the faith
Father James P. West
One of the sad realities of the modern era of the Church’s life is the loss of understanding of the fundamentals of the faith by so many. Even those who are faithful in attendance at Mass will often consider that weekly encounter with God to be their only obligation to their soul.
God’s presence in Ordinary Time makes it anything but ‘ordinary’
Sandy Compas
In Thorton Wilder’s familiar play, “Our Town,” one of the main characters, Emily, dies during childbirth. Emily, homesick for earthly life, is given the opportunity to relive a day, and chooses her 12th birthday.
Love without conditions can be experienced in the presence of God
Judy Hoelzeman
We can never be reminded often enough of God’s love. Maybe that’s because we have been wounded by searching for love everywhere else. As small children, we may consider our parents’ love perfect — until we balk at doing what they ask us to do.