Religious Sisters of Mercy (RSM)

Updated Aug. 1, 2022

Inspired by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and by the life of founder Catherine McAuley, the Sisters of Mercy envision a just world for people who are poor, sick and uneducated. Founded in 1831 in Dublin, Ireland, the Sisters of Mercy have served in the Diocese of Little Rock since 1851. They profess four vows to God: poverty, chastity, obedience and service to the poor, sick and uneducated and commit their resources to serve, advocate and pray for those in need around the world. For more information visit the Religious Sisters of Mercy.


Designated Contact Person: Sr. M. Deborah Troillett, RSM

Sr Anita Marie DeSalvo, RSM ( (479) 531-2147
Sr. Carol Anne Corley, RSM ( (501) 282-8245
Sr. Dorothy Ann Plafcan, RSM ( (479) 414-1137
Sr. Joan Marie Pfauser, RSM ( (501) 664-8006
Sr. Judith Marie Keith, RSM ( (479) 452-1528
Sr. Lisa Elaine Atkins, RSM ( (479) 685-4491
Sr. Mary Sarto Gaffney, RSM ( (479) 739-2006
Sr. Mary Teresa Kelone, RSM ( (501) 463-2306
Sr. Rebecca Ann Hendricks, RSM ( (479) 629-0712
Sr. Marie Elizabeth Koehler, RSM