Prayer Request

SUBMITTED: Sunday, April 15, 2018

Oh loving Lord Jesus, kindly forgive my sins and sins of my parents and siblings. Please save our family. Please give us the grace to live according to your holy will. Please change the hearts of those who are not turned to you. Please convert us wholly to you O Lord. Please give us the grace to be holy and give us the grace of perseverance till death. Lord I do not ask for any material gifts, but the gift of eternal life with you forever. Please do not ever forsake us. Jesus please cut off all unholy ties and bondage in my family however strong they might be. Please remove the power of the evil one over my family members and myself. Jesus please cut all the physical, spiritual and ties that divert us from you. In your holy name Jesus, please break all the unholy relationships in our life. Please confirm our souls in your grace. Please write all our names in the Book of Life.