Prayer Request

SUBMITTED: Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A first-time 'routine ' colonoscopy 7/24/17 showed, in addition to a couple of polyps, a rare abnormality with my appendix. An immediate CT scan, and a next day appointment with a surgeon, the recommendation was to remove my appendix. Unsure, and in disbelief, I opted for a second opinion. Upon hearing the previous day's diagnosis, and after consulting with the colonoscopist himself, the 2nd surgeon agreed to see me same day and after doing so, recommended surgery for the following morning to remove my appendix and small portion of my colon. The surgery was 7/27 and I was released the following day with a follow-up to review pathology reports on August 8. In addition to all the aforementioned, my home flooded April 30. I have had no flooring or furniture for 93 days. The government wheels of FEMA and SBA move slowly. Ironically, the flooring was delivered the day I was discharged from hospital and installed over the weekend. In addition to the flood extraction, a four thousand dollar pack-out cost of an entire house that is not covered, repairs, and mitigation costs, now there are the medical bills. And, these new health concerns. I covet your prayers for strength, healing, perseverance and finances. Thank you. Susan