Prayer Request

SUBMITTED: Sunday, November 27, 2022

Actually my hubby got a job via recommendation, after that he didn't try any new opportunity. It's been 5 years, but management is also not giving any proper appraisal. Now when I ask him to find a job in any other office, he is afraid and says he will not get any job opportunity outside the organization due to his low knowledge in English communication. Anyhow I am going to apply his resume for different jobs. He should get a very good company without any pressure at work. CEO of the company and other members should select him immediately seeing after his resume, on interview. He should speak without any mistake by his own interest, he should speak fluently, immediately he should be appointed in a good office, also he should be able to exhibit his talent to all. Our family should get good financial growth. My husband should not scold me for this try I am doing for his career development. The past 5 years we are always fighting as he got this job through my sister's recommendation. But this time himself should be qualified and get a good salary package for our suprise. Please pray to Jesus.