Prayer Request

SUBMITTED: Thursday, March 9, 2023

To thank God for His blessings and the Virgin Mary for her intercession. To sanctify Sunday, the Day of the Lord and Feasts within my whole family, taking Communion in the grace of Lord, participating in the Entire Mass. For Mayra and family, Jose-Miguel and family, Emma and family, for her first Communion, for Raul and family, for Socorro and family, Javier and family, Perla and family, Susana and family, Manuel and family, Eduardo and family, Andres and family, Ricardo and family, presidents, governors, deputees, senators, military, physicians and health personnel, Heralds of the Gospel To protect and stand up and live out the grace of God, perseverance. To increase daily Rosary praying devotion, especially among families, to protect and preserve Children's rights, for the respect of Divine and human Rights, especially life, liberty, freedom, religious freedom. For the conversion of sinners, salvation of souls, Peace in the world, for a nearest access to priests and Sacraments. For all The Church, especially families, and Hierarchy, Popes, Bishops, Priests, deacons. For all the CEOs, entrepreneurs, media, sportsplayers, trainers, coaches, universities, teachers, engineers, souls in purgatory, youth, teenagers. For the sustainability of the Church, Heralds of the Gospel to Thank God for His blessings and the Virgin Mary for her intercession.