Life is Christ

This 13-part series was published from June 2008 to June 2009 in Arkansas Catholic, the weekly newspaper for the Diocese of Little Rock. explores the universal year dedicated to St. Paul, which celebrates the 2,000th anniversary of the saint's birth. To order a subscription, visit Arkansas Catholic. These articles were written by the staff of Little Rock Scripture Study. Each one includes questions for group study. To read or print an article, click on one from the list below. Columns may be copied or redistributed with acknowledgement and permission of the publisher. To learn more, Contact Us.

Column 1: Saul Becomes an Apostle of Jesus

Column 2: Cross of Jesus is Means for Salvation

Column 3: Paul Welcomes All into Life with Christ

Column 4: Disciples are Saints Set Apart to Serve

Column 5: Paul’s Letters Assure us of God’s Grace

Column 6: Spirit Within Allows us to Live in Christ

Column 7: Marriage Should Reflect Christ's Love

Column 8: Paul Values the Ministry of Women

Column 9: Paul: Treat Body of Christ with Respect

Column 10: Paul's Images Help Shape the Church

Column 11: Paul Finds God’s Strength in Suffering

Column 12: Paul’s Stature Beyond Letters he Wrote

Column 13: Paul’s Gospel Message Still Reaches Us