A Biblical Year of Faith

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This 14-part series was published from October 2012 to November 2013 in Arkansas Catholic, the weekly newspaper for the Diocese of Little Rock. It explores the universal Year of Faith from a scriptural perspective. To order a subscription, visit Arkansas Catholic. These articles were written by the staff of Little Rock Scripture Study. Each one includes questions for group study. To read or print an article, click on one from the list below. Columns may be copied or redistributed with acknowledgement and permission of the publisher. To learn more, Contact Us.

Column 1: God's word invites us to encounter God

Column 2: All Scripture heralds Good News of Christ

Column 3: God seeks us in the garden

Column 4: Abraham and Sarah answer call of faith

Column 5: God finds Moses in ordinary conditions

Column 6: Jesus is our Passover in the Eucharist

Column 7: Prophets call us to love God, neighbor

Column 8: Gospels give unique portrayals of Mary

Column 9: Growing in faith opens us to challenge

Column 10: Jesus calls us to follow and abide in him

Column 11: Everyday events can be extraordinary

Column 12: Women first to witness the resurrection

Column 13: The Psalms are a school of prayer for us

Column 14: Jesus sends witnesses to ends of earth