Virtual Convalidation Day

Saturday, Sep. 24, 2022

Location: Online Event
Contact: Elizabeth Reha
Phone: (501) 664-0340, ext. 373

Convalidation Day is a daylong marriage education program is for couples who are married civilly (outside the Catholic Church) and wish to have a sacramental marriage within the Church. Couples considering marriage must have the approval of their pastor before attending. This program is sponsored by the diocesan Family Life Office. Registration is required one week prior to the event.

Registration Form

Virtual Convalidation Day - Saturday, Sep. 24, 2022

To register, please complete and submit this form. Then mail your $60 registration fee to: Family Life Office, 2500 N. Tyler St., Little Rock, AR 72207. Online payment cannot be accepted at this time. Make checks payable to the Diocese of Little Rock. Registration is NOT complete until both the fee and this form have been received. If you need to register after the deadline date, please call the Family Life Office at (501) 664-0340.

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