Deacon Candidate — Class of 2022

Jerome Ngundue, Christ the King, Little Rock

Why do you want to be a deacon?

I desire to become a formed servant and follow Jesus Christ. My wife, Sarah, is committed, supportive and understands the value of the diaconate work ahead. My love for Jesus Christ has grown. During these two years of discernment, I continue to appreciate the Eucharist, my Catholic faith, service to the Church and parish. My spiritual formation has exposed the depth of my love and faith. The clear realization is now more evident that Jesus Christ wants me to serve him in any capacity, hopefully as a deacon. I have experienced growth from the four pillars of formation, through study, homework, classroom, book assignments and wonderful attention to sermons and homilies. Formation has opened my heart, shaped my feelings and commitments to grow toward the diaconate. This diaconate formation is a vital path and guidance for me to completely appreciate the work of deacons. I desire to serve the Eucharist, the body of Christ. The desire that God will grant me the grace and opportunity to serve his flock encourages me to form into the order of a deacon.

Married ToSarah Ngundue

ProfessionPublic health/pandemic influenza planner 

Interests and HobbiesResearch, conference/workshop presentations; gardening (planting flowers), sports, outdoors, photography, visiting museums, religious and historic sites, motivational talks