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Christopher Homes of Arkansas is a nonprofit human services organization that exists to provide comfortable and affordable housing for the low income elderly population across the state. This housing ministry of the Diocese of Little Rock provides persons 62 years or older and those who are mobility impaired, with safe, attractive and affordable apartment living. Christopher Homes mobilizes available public, private and human resources to provide basic necessities, supportive services and other enrichment activities for the well-being of those it serves. The mission of Christopher Homes is to provide those who could not otherwise afford it, a place they are proud to call "HOME." See Christopher Homes Locations.


  • The tenants will only pay 30 percent of their adjusted income toward rent and utilities. This provides less expense for the elderly and with all electric units, it is a saving to persons that are in need of housing.
  • Christopher Homes provides maintenance services for all units as a part of the services at no expense to the tenant.
  • Christopher Homes has a waiting list for some complexes, as it provides housing on a first come basis. However there are vacancies in some of the complexes.
  • Christopher Homes provides efficiency (-0-) and one (-1-) bedroom units to eligible persons.
  • Christopher Homes manages 588 apartments in 24 complexes in cities across Arkansas and strives to enhance the quality of life as well as respect the dignity of each person we serve.