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The Office of Faith Formation promotes lifelong faith formation for Arkansas Catholics by empowering, resourcing and certifying parish catechetical leaders, coordinators of Christian initiation, parish catechists and Christian initiation teams.

We strive to implement the General and National Directories for Catechesis, the Rites of Christian Initiation and other Church documents related to catechesis, Christian formation and initiation.



  • Consults with parish catechetical leaders, pastors and Christian initiation coordinators as needed to provide:
    • Assistance in planning, implementing and evaluating a total parish catechetical process
    • Guidelines for sacramental preparation and celebrating the sacraments of initiation and reconciliation
    • Assistance in planning Vacation Bible School
    • Assistance with resources for children with special needs
  • Provides resources for faith formation to youth and adults
  • Provide resources for Hispanic catechesis
  • Coordinates regular area/diocesan meetings for parish catechetical leaders and Christian initiation coordinators
  • Promotes the implementation of diocesan goals and objectives regarding catechesis and Christian initiation

Why become Catholic?

"I always loved the beauty of the Catholic Church — the statues, imagery and the churches — but what pulled me in most is the history and longevity of the Church. Every church claims they began with Jesus, but there is always about 1,500 years missing in their history. When I began reading about the early Church and the Fathers of the Church, that's when I said, 'Here is the rest of my family. This is the family tree I have been looking for.'Read more.