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E.g., 06/23/2015
E.g., 06/23/2015

Bishop Anthony B. Taylor celebrates Mass across Arkansas and beyond. This library features the homilies delivered from March 2014 to the present. To listen to earlier homilies, please visit the bishop's Homily Archive.

Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord
And when they reached a point where they had sufficient ownership to begin to take over, he delegated to them — and to us — responsibility and authority for continuing the work that he had begun.
Sixth Sunday of Easter, Year B
Today we celebrate Mother's Day, and I can tell you that as a group, mothers have more to teach us about sacrificial love than almost anyone else on this planet.
Abbot Leonard Wangler Blessing Mass
I can tell you from personal experience that the Lord will provide you with every grace and everything else you need to be a good father to this monastic community.
Fifth Sunday of Easter, Year B
If Jesus is the nourishment that gives life to all the branches of the vine, isn't it obvious that the Eucharist is the sacramental means by which we receive that nourishment?
Fourth Sunday of Easter, Year B
Jesus did that on Good Friday, for sure. But actually he had already laid down his life for us years earlier. That's what the story of his temptations was about at the beginning of his public ministry: death to self.
Third Sunday of Easter, Year B
If it doesn't lead us to obedience, to the doing of God's will, then it is not knowledge at all — no matter how eloquently we philosophize or how intensely we feel.
Divine Mercy Sunday 2015
Pope Francis will open the holy year "Door of Mercy" at St. Peter's in Rome, through which he reminds us, "anyone who enters will experience the love of God who consoles, pardons and instills hope."
Easter Vigil 2015
Through baptism Jesus freed us from the power of sin and death and gave us a share in his Easter victory.
Good Friday Passion of the Lord 2015
The tomb in which we bury him today will soon become the womb from which you and I will be reborn in baptism to share the fruits of Jesus' Easter victory.
Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord's Supper 2015
But our joy today is tempered by the sober realization that our freedom is costly — bought with blood and not easy to preserve. 
Chrism Mass 2015
I remind myself of this whenever faithfulness to the Lord requires me to do things that are difficult or unpleasant: He's the only one I have to please.
Palm Sunday 2015
The 22nd Psalm may begin with words of despair but ends with a declaration of faith and hope.
Diaconate Ordination of Stephen Gadberry
If we trust in Jesus, he who is our Good Shepherd will lead us to the green pastures we long for and to the table the he has prepared for us in the land of the living.
Fifth Sunday of Lent, Year B
Satan may do his worst and, as with Jesus, appear to do us great harm, but he cannot prevail if you are fully united to the Lord.
Fourth Sunday of Lent, Year B
Notice that when Jesus says that the Son of God is light for the world, he's talking about judging the world, not just making things bright and sunny.