Chancery Office

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The Chancery includes those offices and persons who directly assist the bishop in the pastoral and administrative governance of the Diocese of Little Rock.

The Chancery, on behalf of the bishop, expedites canonical matters, collects and preserves diocesan and parish records; assists parishes and priests with civil matters; maintains files; collects statistical information for the diocese; facilitates communications with other dioceses and the Vatican; and directs inquirers to appropriate sources.

Sacramental Records

Parishes have five kinds of sacramental records: baptismal (birth), marriage, death, first Communion and confirmation records. Baptismal (birth), marriage and death records contain information that can vary from record to record and church to church.

By the Code of Canon Law (Church law which governs the administration of our parishes), pastors are required to maintain sacramental records. To learn what the code requires in these records, go to Sacramental Records.