You are welcome to submit a prayer request to be posted on the diocese’s online Prayer Book of Intentions. These prayers are offered up at the noon Mass celebrated by Bishop Anthony B. Taylor on most Wednesdays at St. John Catholic Center in Little Rock. Please pray for these intentions at your parish, school or prayer group.


Lord, Hear Our Prayers

Please continue to keep my daughter, Kennedy, in your daily prayers! I pray for God's merciful & powerful healing hands on her so that she will have complete healing from the Pemphigus Foliacious (skin condition) & the blisters/sores that are on her face. I pray that God continue to keep her immune system healthy & strong as well as her self-esteem. I pray that God will help me not to get discouraged when I don't see her sores/blisters healing fast enough. I know God's got his timing for her healing. I pray that the Blood of Jesus will heal her. Please Lord, help me with my concerns with the doctors potentially putting my daughter back on oral steroids for this condition. I feel like this was the culprit of the skin condition. I pray that IF she does get back on it, that it will work, with no side effects, no allergic reaction & do its benefits and heal what needs to be healed & not activate/reactivate her victory scars from the blisters on her body that she has conquered. Please Oh God, send healing, protection, peace & serenity through my family, especially my daughter Kennedy. I pray in Jesus' name. AMEN!
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Please pray for my pension disability case, that it will be reconsidered, approved and removed from the office of administrative law before my court dates April 27 & 28, 2015. I'm still in pain after 2 surgeries and 10 epidural injections. I can't afford a lawyer and I'm terrified to defend myself in court. Please pray that Our Lord will guide the judge and deputy assigned to my case to see the truth in my medical records. Please pray that the judge will decide in my favor before my court dates. I'm tired, stressed and exhausted but my faith remains strong. I believe in the power of prayers. Amen.
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My left hand was injured in 2/2014 at work. I hired an attorney to negotiate with my employer's insurance company after being cutoff twice for physical hand therapy. Please pray for the attorney to negotiate the best possible outcome. If physical therapy is reinstated, please pray I will get an appointment with a hand therapist more interested in healing than money from insurance company. If physical therapy is reinstated, I only would like full range of motion on my dominant hand left hand restored. I am not interested in money. Please pray against discrimination. I did not abuse medical resources or take any time off for my injury. Please pray for Ryan for salvation, MLZ, his mother for rededication or salvation. MLZ, Ryan's mother does not know what to do with her son. MLZ did not teach her children about God despite MLZ's church upbringing. MLZ's spiritual condition is unknown. Ryan attended Catholic school, paid for by Ryan's deceased grandmother. Ryan has epilepic seizures uncontrolled by medication. Ryan attended three years of college, one semester of vocational school, but fails to complete due to uncontroled epilepic seizures. Ryan lives at home, depends on his mother for rides. Ryan's doctors are attempting to wean Ryan's current medication for a different one. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors treating Ryan.
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My name is Elizabeth. Please forgive my Spanglish. I truly think that God has a way to do things. I have a young adult child named, Angie, 22 years old. She is back home now after leaving 6 months ago to live with an older boyfriend who she met after a couple of weeks at the bar where she works. My husband and I never liked the idea of her working in a bar but she all of the sudden started doing things that seemed crazy to my husband and I. First she decided to get a loan in a bank to get augmentation surgery, then all of the sudden, I knew that she already saw a surgeon and already had a surgery appointment. Then she went to a school for 2 weeks to study bar tending and started working in a bar where all the real craziness started. She started coming late at first, then sometimes she was coming home late, so then when my husband and I tried to talk to her about her attitude and her lifestyle, so she decided to leave one day while I was working. I came home and she was gone. I felt like I wanted to die and kill myself. My beautiful daughter that was dedicated at church when she was a baby, and was coming to church and even taught children Bible classes, now started drinking, working seven days a week, two jobs, day and night to support the police officer boyfriend of 30 years old. Meanwhile she stopped the community college. I prayed so hard and talked to all the pastors that I could talk to, while inside I felt like an impending doom thinking the worse, like maybe she is dead. I knew there was a gun at their place and I knew my daughter had a short temper. My daughter finally came to me last month after almost 6 months away from home and told me that she had money problems and that she also broke up with the boyfriend. I told her that she could come home, help her pay the bills and of course pay it back, but I let her get away by accepting that she still could to go out whenever she wanted. Out of desperation I told her okay, but it was getting out of hand again and everyday at night she would leave home at 10 and come back 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 am, next day. I was afraid to be strong with her and I finally had to and told her that it was important to respect her body and her parents coming home early and not going out every day. She is now so much better, she is taking online classes to be a veterinarian but the temptation in her is too much. She has all these bar friends always calling her to go there and and I can tell that she wants to do it. She was doing this for six while living with the police officer. He found her conveniently these jobs, and my daughter would still all day long and work and be up all night long. Her body got used to. Now at home for a months I am working with her and she is even trying to get a day time job. I am praying every day and all the time because I believe in the power of Jesus. I am human too and I have my days when I feel weak and tired because I am always thinking how to handle this situation. People tell me that I have no life and this problem is consuming me, but she is my daughter, I can't give up and I trust in the Lord, I have faith in Jesus name. My husband just watches and not say much. The thing is that my daughter is back with the old boyfriend who used to date for couple of years who verbal abuses her and she is still working at the bars. I am praying for her to find a day time job, that she continuous school, leave the boyfriend, learn to be humble, but most importantly come back to the Lord. I also need a prayer for financial help because when she came back I had to pay all her debts. Thank you and God bless you. Mom
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Praying the interview goes well tomorrow. Praying for my youngest. Her grades have been poor. They really went downhill after an incident with an adult that she respected was cruel to her.
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Please pray for a miracle for Lillian, age 5, who has GBM cancer. GBM now stands for G-God's B-Blessed M-Miracle because that's the only solution. Please ask the saints and others for a miracle. God bless all of you who pray for miracles for those who need them. Love, Lillian's family and friends (you) around the world.
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Please open communication beetween me and Jason
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Father God, I pray you, through the Holy Spirit, protect me and bring peace in my life, so I can walk in harmony of divine light. Amen.
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My name is Dwi and I am thirsty. Please I beg you to pray for me to Jesus through Mother Mary, his Blessed Mother. I'm very, very poor in this life: financial hardship, bad health, unfinished study. Please pray for me so that my throat, sore lungs recover. Erase the evil phlegm lodged in the lungs and throat. I want a breath of relief and the evil phlegm to no longer suffocate my chest. I want no more painful allergies, flu, colds, sore back and buttocks. I want my five senses guarded, especially my eyes. I want my eyes healthy forever and no eye disorders. My back is bent and I want my hemorrhoids healed. For tumors in my body to disappear. For all diseases in my body to disappear. To all the holy souls, please help so that I heal completely. Heal my urinary disorders and my bladder. Please take care my teeth properly. Please pray for me so that there is a healing for me and miracles happen, especially my lung diseases and my back. May the holy souls assist me. I beg you also for a prayer for my wife, my sisters and brother, my niece. If they get sick, there are not medicine to give them for healing. Please pray for me so that I can make my wife happy. I'm in very difficult situation. I have problems in finance and employment. I hope I can get many graces and miracles. I want to find a job in mass media. I hope I don't have a problem interacting with other reporters/journalists and find it easy to find information. Lord Jesus and his Blessed Mother has always protected me when I run errands to search for information. Please pray for me so I can be saved from bad behavior from my bosses. I want to have some business to support my family life. I hope to be delivered soon from my problems in finance and employment. The university where I study also wants me drop out from their university. Please pray for me so that there are pro bono advocate(s) to help me and the university accepts my right to study according to the Indonesian constitution and accepts me again to be their student without me needing to propose a citizen lawsuit against them. May the holy saints and the holy souls assist me. Please I beg you to pray for me so that can ask for grants to raising goats. Please help me so that I can plant beautiful flowers so that I can dedicate them as my devotion to St. Mary and Jesus the Divine Child. Please pray for me so that my Ave Maria magazines and books that were borrowed are returned. Because they are important to me. I want laduni and sasmita gaib. If I have sons, I promise that my first son will be your holy priest because I will go to present him to our Father in heaven and Jesus our Lord and he will follow the example of your Mother, Mary. Please remember me always in your every first Friday Mass for nine times and your rosary prayers and meditations.
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Please pray with me for this. Thank you Lord that the kingdom of heaven has come. Christ's consciousness has been overflowing into our world now in overwhelming waves of love, peace, joy and utter bliss. All life on earth has been feeling these waves. All people have become heavenly minded, heavenly hearted. All people have been smilling more, laughing more, more joyous, more kind, more friendly, overly considerate, respectful, smart, overly compassionate, empathetic, overly generous. All wonderful miracles, healings, magical things and visions of Jesus and his loving angels have been happening now to all people around the world. All negativity, anger, hate, fear, sin, worry, anxieties, indecencies, anything demonic, rudeness, disrespect, hunger, suffering, sadness, disease, stupidity, laziness, death, killing, wickedness and all which is not heavenly has been eradicated from our world. All DNA has been repaired. All has been run in only positive heavenly syncroncitiy now. All people have been hearing the music of heaven and the voice of God. All people have been falling insatiably in love with Jesus. Jesus has become the king and hero of the world. Earth has become the most glorious, cleanest, most peaceful heaven. Jesus is omnipresent around the world now. In Jesus' name. Amen.
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