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Frequently Asked Questions About Adoption

These are a few of the questions we receive from our clients. This is not comprehensive; we encourage you to further explore our website and forms for further information. Feel free to contact us directly with any other question you may have about our services.

Q. What are your fees for adoption?

A. Agency services to birthmothers are free. Fees for adoptive families are based on a sliding scale depending on their income and they may be eligible for state and federal tax credits. For more specific information, please contact us.

Q. Will you work with clients who aren’t Catholic?

A. We work with birthmothers of all faiths, though many choose us because they are Catholic and looking for Catholic families. It may be harder to place with adoptive families that aren’t Catholic, but we welcome other inquiries for information.

Q. Does the father of the baby have to sign the adoption papers for a birthmother to place her child for adoption?

A. We prefer that the father sign when at all possible, but there are circumstances where it isn’t required. Each situation is different and is handled on a case-by-case basis with the assistance of our attorneys.

Q. Do you place children for adoption out of state?

A. We try to work with families in Arkansas, but we will on occasion place out of state if there are special needs or at a birthmother’s request.

Q. What happens if a birthmother has twins?

A. We never separate twins. Both babies would be placed with the adoptive family that the birthmother helps to choose.

Q. Will you place older children for adoption?

A. We will work carefully with parents or guardians of older children on a plan for adoption on a case-by-case basis. We rarely have these types of adoption occur, so those families wishing to adopt an older child are encouraged to consider adopting through the Arkansas Department of Human Services' Division of Children and Family Services.

Q. Do you have an age limit for potential adoptive parents?

A. We don’t have a specific cut off age, but we carefully consider a couple's health and resources on a case-by-case basis.

Q. Do you have any marriage requirements for potential adoptive families?

A. We require that a couple be married for at least two years before we work with them. We can consider a rare exception to the length of marriage requirement. Contact us for more information.

Q. Are legal services provided?

A. We provide legal representation for our clients, but if a client wishes to have additional representation they may hire their own attorney at their expense. Legal services are free to birthparents.