Family Assistance Program

Helps provide long-term solutions to families and individuals coping with chronic economic crises

Serves Families Referred by Parishes

Contact a Parish Near You

If you or your family have a financial crisis, please contact a Catholic parish near you for assistance. Click on the link above to access our directory of parishes across Arkansas. The Family Assistance Program serves those referred by our parishes on a long-term basis.

The Family Assistance Program aims to provide long-term solutions to families and individuals, referred by parishes, who are coping with chronic economic crises. When someone requires a rapid financial resolution to an issue, our staff will offer the most appropriate referral. Participation in this program may involve meetings with a Catholic Charities of Arkansas' staff member and working together to develop a plan that can help an individual or family stabilize their financial situation and achieve long-term economic goals.

When contacted by a parish on behalf of a family or individual, Catholic Charities' staff will collaborate with, and support the parish to the extent of available resources. Parishes give so much help and hope to both Catholics and non-Catholics in need. We are here to support them in that work. As a Parish Outreach program, family assistance is intended to work closely with parishes. Each parish operates differently, and each parish has better knowledge of community resources and the needs of the people.

Family assistance is primarily funded through donations from the Catholic Charities of Arkansas Poor Fund and the 25 percent of the annual CRS Rice Bowl collection that remains in Arkansas. Donations are always welcome. For more information about the program or how you can help, please contact Megan Moore at Catholic Charities of Arkansas, (501) 664-0340, ext. 379.