Deacon Candidate — Class of 2022

John Birmingham, St. Jude Church, Jacksonville

Why do you want to be a deacon?

I feel God has been guiding me to be a deacon for a very long time. While in the Air Force, I would deploy on humanitarian missions while my squadron would deploy on other types of missions. When I retired from the Air Force, I went into education. Here, I was led to work in the elementary school setting with social and economically deprived children. Up to this point, I had been trying to do everything through my own strength, but as my prayer life increased I could feel God calling me to more and to follow another path. I opened my heart and could feel the Holy Spirit leading me to the diaconate where I would be able to serve God and our Church.

Married To: Anne Birmingham

Profession: Fifth grade science and social studies teacher; retired from U.S. Air Force

Interests and Hobbies: Chess, camping, hiking, reading, cooking, wood working