CCHD collection to be held Nov. 22-23

Published: November 3, 2014

A special collection for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) will be taken up in all parishes Nov. 22-23. CCHD works to uphold the dignity of human life by breaking the cycle of poverty in the United States through grants to local community-based groups that create jobs, improve education and strengthen neighborhoods. 

Twenty-five percent of the collection stays in our diocese to fund small, local projects and 75 percent is sent to the national CCHD office to be used for the national grants. The Diocese of Little Rock has received more than $750,000 during the past 10 years to distribute as grants across Arkansas to local groups and projects such as Birthright, Our House and Helping Hand.

During its history, CCHD has provided thousands of grants, many in Arkansas, to self-help projects developed by grassroots groups of poor persons. The projects’ successes and the relationships developed have significantly changed the lives of the poor in our country. CCHD is supported solely by private donations. The program owes its success to the Catholic parishioners who contribute to the annual parish appeal. To learn more, visit Catholic Campaign for Human Development or watch the video below.