Little Rock Scripture Study

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This internationally recognized ministry is committed to providing Catholic Bible study materials and experiences to help adults encounter Christ in a personal way, apply core biblical teachings to daily living, and increase commitment to the believing community. Prayer, study, small group faith sharing and integrating lectures provide the framework for these Bible studies.


  • Offers adult Bible study materials in English. There are more than 30 different studies designed for use in parishes. Each consists of daily personal study, small-group sharing, wrap-up lecture and prayer.
  • Offers adult Bible study materials in Spanish. Eleven different studies are designed for small groups using daily personal study, small-group sharing, suggestions for wrap-up lectures and prayer. For more information, go to Estudio Bíblico de Little Rock.
  • Offers leadership training material in English and Spanish. A coordinator's manual and accompanying recorded materials prepare parishioners to coordinate the program and facilitate small groups.
  • Offers various services to parishes, including the Bible Institute each June, an occasional retreat for Arkansas LRSS users, an online newsletter three times a year, free loan within the Diocese of Little Rock of recorded wrap-up lectures in English and workshops around Arkansas.
  • Offers informational workshops around the country, arranged through local diocesan offices.
  • Free informational DVD or video available for anyone interested in more information.
  • Visit Little Rock Scripture Study's website for additional resources.